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Tzintzuntzan: Giving credit where credit is due, the inspiration for Mook Chivalry came from a joke on this web page:


"Do NOT duck inside those doors, men! Honorable warriors need no cover!" I happened to remember that line as I read the YKTTW discussion of one at a time attackers..and from there, everything just clicked into place.

Space Ace: The description of this trope reminds me: We've already had samurai with guns, even though they weren't portrayed as such in "their" movie (thanks a bunch, Tom Crotch). Where are the heavily armoured knights with guns?

Gentlemen396: One right off my head - Those in Doctor Who's Seventh Doctor story Battlefield.

Caswin: Alright, I just saw Kill Bill - or the Battle at the House of Blue Leaves, anyway - on TV again. I was looking for it, and I did not see any of the Crazy 88 fighting one another in the background. Is this only in the full, unedited movie? Am I missing something?

Clarste: Is it just me or is the page picture too small to read the text?

Seven Seals: It's not just you. I can read it, but only by actively deciphering it.

Despite its appropriateness, this image ([2]) is just too big to use. Cutting it.