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Susan Davis: Found on AnimeSuki:

Moe Youso / Moe Zokusei

Translates to "Moe Elements / Moe Properties".

An otaku term used to describe a specific property or situation involving characters in a way that makes one feel "moe". This can also be used when referring to a specific point about characters that strikes one as a "weakpoint" ("I found out what my moe property is", for example). It's almost impossible to list all known moe properties since they can consist of pretty much anything, and some may be more obscure compared to others, but here are some most common examples:

Tsundere / Meganekko / Nekomimi / Usamimi / Maid / Miko / Nurse / Teacher / Senpai (senior) / Kouhai (junior) / School Uniform / (School) Swimsuit / Loli / Yuri / Childhood Friend / Oneesan (older sister) / Imouto (little sister) / Mother / Stepsister / Itoko (cousin) / Wife / Twins / Big Breasts / Small Breasts / Kneesock (with color variations) / Garters / Tights / Absolute Territory / Ojousama / Iincho (class president) / Student Body President / Librarian / Displinarian / Mahou Shojo / Elf / Fairy / Crybaby / Shy / Silent / Obedient / Tennen Boke (natural airhead) / Yamato Nadeshiko (traditional beauty) / Dojikko (clumsy) / Ijimerarekko (abused) / Otenba (tomboy) / Uwamezukai (eyes looking up at you, puppy eyes) / Apron / Naked Apron / Oversized Long Sleeve Shirts / Striped Clothings (ex. underwear) / Frilly Clothings / Pyjamas / Panty / No Panty / Short Hair / Long Hair / Ahoge / Ponytail / Twintails / Mitsuami (braids) / Osage (single long braid) / Okappa (bobbed hair) / (various hair colors) / Odeko (high forehead) / Ribbons / Yukata / Chinese Dress / Kansai-ben / Strange favorite sayings ("Uguu" or "Gao", for example) / Denpa (says strange or nutty things) / ...

Ok yeah I'm going overboard.


zomo: moe is a highly contested term and there are no highly specific definition that people agree. People disagree over its use, its syntax and scope, let alone its definition. The interesting thing about this word is how it is a fan-created word that took the mainstream in Japan and is one of the strongest and broadest otaku creation that all fans share, regardless of language and location. In other words, in order to really expound on what moe means it needs to be looked in light of many other anime tropes.

Looney Toons: I'm far from an expert on Japanese, but I am under the impression that there are two words pronounced "moe" — one meaning "cute", and one meaning "burn". Mai-HiME's first end-of-episode preview even did an outrageous pun on these: "I thought the show would have a lot of moe (cuteness)." "Well, a lot of things did moe (burn)..."

Sukeban: (Consults dictionary) The "standard" moe is 萌え, meaning "budding" or "sprouting". The other comes from the verb moeru (燃える), "to burn".

And the bit in Ouran High School Host Club that was translated by the subbers as "don't understimate the flames of moe" was originally 萌えの炎をなめんなよ! (Yes, I actually screencapped and transcribed it ^_^)

Citizen: Don't underestimate the flames of moe!

Looney Toons: Osh, did you [i]mean[/i] to delete most of the examples and then label it as a "minor" change?
Gus: Couldn't quite figure out what "causal description" should mean. "Casual description" didn't seem to fit. Or maybe it does. Anyhoo. Could someone have a look at it?

YYZ: Something's a little off about this article. I'm reading it and it feels like it's missing its first paragraph.

Gus: I took a reshape at it. I don't have the first idea what Moe Moe actually is, though. I just moved the words around until they seemed to make sense.

Dark Sasami: ... Hello Kitty bondage doll? Does somebody know something I don't here?

Solandra: Love Hotels external link, under "truly creative theme rooms."

Pavlov: (Grins) I put that in to amuse the locals. Thank you for noticing!
Dentaku: I really don't think the beach episode of Kamichu! was that bad with regards to Fanservice. People wear bathing suits to the beach, but that's about it. It didn't distract me from the story in the least.

Pavlov: You're right: the Fan Service wasn't really that bad. Heck, it wasn't even a tenth of Moetan or Ultimate Girls: it was the contrast. In the first episode they don't even show a panty flash when she falls off a roof or goes through a tornado / typhoon. But then they have her bend over in a bin and shove her butt in the camera, while her friend is floating backwards and gainaxing all over the place. It wasn't a case of little girls maturing, either, because they never did it again.

Dentaku: The bending over in a bin part is indeed a bit off-putting, especially since that moment lasted so long. Maybe the makers were a bit bored at the time.
Gambrinus: I took off Kyoko from Maison Ikkoku since I really don't think she fits this, being more of a Tsundere (and also an Author Avatar). Not to mention she probably predates this trend by more than a decade...

Big T: Am I right in assuming the only reason this trope is Moe Moe instead of Moe is because of the four character limit? Because, as far as I know, this term only exists on this wiki—it is simply "moe" everywhere else.

Dentaku: The four-character limit seems to have been abolished. I already made a redirect-page from Moe to this one. Perhaps it's better to switch those two pages around?

Big T: That's what I was thinking. But I think this is big enough a change that this needs to go to YKTTW....Okay, it's there.

Runespoor: Okay, I'm removing Nino and Mist from the Fire Emblem examples. They're both way too much of a Genki Girl / Plucky Girl mix to qualify.

Troper On A Stick: Mist is a Genki Girl?

ccoa: There is currently a discussion to change this to Moe and leave Moe Moe as a redirect in this forum thread.

Thausgt: Okay, I'm betraying my age, gender and interests, but when I first stumbled onto this page, I thought it was about this Moe. By way of a challenge, has anyone ever tried to draw or write a Moe Moe Moe? Or would I have better luck with a cat-based furry Moe Moe; a "meow" Moe Moe, as it were?

Pavlov: Like, an ultimate Moe Moe Howard in a bowl of plums and peaches? A seimoe Moe sumomo momo?

ninjacrat: *distant scream of agony*

Enchanter468: Does Stellar from Gundam SEED Destiny count? She's a Tykebomb, but at the same time she's very innocent and child-like, so I'm not really sure.

Draqua: Watchmen characters Dan, Nite Owl II, and Rorschach... Would they count as moe? Dan is similar to Otacon, who is listed on the page already, as he's the kindly, glasses wearing, nonthreatening, nerdy everyman people love. Similarly, Rorschach's violent behaviour hides a desire to genuinly help man and his inablity to relate to people is cute in a pathetic way... At least little!Walter might qualify...