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I thought the Rumiko Takahashi quote was in response to whether Ranma menstruated.

Red Shoe: I remember that episode of Quantum Leap. Sam just looks like his host. The episode doesn't actually challenge that. When Sam goes into labor, the fetus magically disappears from the waiting room and appears inside Sam. Al is suitably confused.

arromdee: The Warrior who Carried Life is not about this. The main character is female, becomes male, and impregnates a female. At no time is there a male pregnancy.

Would it fall under this trope if a female becomes pregnant, but in a very obviously supernatural manner, as in the Angel episode Expecting?
I have removed the following edit from the "Truth in Television" ABC news story:
  • "He" is definitely still a she despite the media's attempts to play up the pregnant man angle.
Thomas Beatie has female sexual organs but, according to sources from internet media, including his own article (, identifies as male. Although he calls himself transgender rather than transsexual, I see no reason to assert that he is "definitely (sic) still a she".

fleb: ...You know that is how you spell 'definitely.' (guessing the auto-spelling-correction script did that.)

Anyway, pasting the section Gemmifer cut "because of the natter/Brain Bleach aspects":

*Just so it doesn't get added here again: There was a hoax/art-project about actually accomplishing this a while back by a guy called Lee Mingwei. Artistic License - Biology if you actually bought it.
* ABC News reported in March 2008 about Thomas Beatie, a transgendered female-to-male resident of Bend, Oregon, who looks outwardly like a man but still has the reproductive system of a woman. He is expecting to give birth to a baby girl.
**This is a borderline case since he is not biologically a man.
***Technically, he is biologically male but physically female. Transgendered folk kind of take offense at being told that they aren't the gender they know they are.
* Also the condition of Fetus in Fetu, in which a baby develops a second (at least partial) twin inside itself. The result is that the outer human can appear pregnant.
** Note to tropers (especially medical students) posting here: If what you're about to write requires more than one gallon of Brain Bleach to remove the stain, please, do not post.