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Shadow of the Sun: Just thought I should say it here first, seeing as I am most definitely not a mexican, but would anyone consider the EZLN or Zapatista Army of National Liberation worthy of significant mention on this page? I certainly do, although I am a white middle class supporter in a highly urbanized country...yeah, we'll leave my hypocrisy outta this.

Earnest: Happy to oblige, and don't worry, no one thinks you're hypocritical for being curious. I know it's not exactly the most flattering picture of them, but growing up through the late nineties to now has rather disenchanted me and some of my generation about the mystique of Marcos' "revolution". I remember thinking (along with a lot of people back then, and some who still do) that they had a just cause and picked an almost Ghandi-esque way of demonstrating it: "being armed, but not shooting" was more or less their moto, rebelling without killing. It worked.  * They got attention, oil-money was lavished on them, they got autonomy to make whater kind of government and laws they want in their towns... and they haven't done much with it.

Poverty, illiteracy, and quality of life in Zapatista controlled areas is not much improved, though I'll admit they've done some interesting things governance-wise.

We don't think they're terrorists or rebels, just people who were ignored too long... but now have little reason to keep holding up arms except as a way to call attention to themselves since their efforts at social renewal have stalled. Though they do have enemies in other municipalities of Chiapas (armed enemies) their being in a constant state of war readiness is seen more as a cry for attention than anything else. I remember reading them doing strange and not nice things to their supporters, like confiscating hotels and houses of rich people who supported them. When all is said and done, they're very much the Mexican Quebec.

Shadow of the Sun: Corrupt or not, I support their goal; whether or not they achieve it is a different question. 'sides, the joy or arguments is seeing the perspectives of other people- especially when they disagree.

I'm not going to flip out and go crazy because someone portrayed a political entity negatively (truthfully or not); if I did I'd get nothing done.