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Looney Toons: The female INWO player who distracted the other tournament participants was, as it so happens, my wife. After the tournament ended, game creator Steve Jackson congratulated her on an effective approach that was perfectly in keeping with the nature of the game.

Ununnilium: Sheer awesome.

Looney Toons: I thought so. <GROUCHO>And her performance in the tournament wasn't bad either.</GROUCHO> <grin>

Shazzbaa: I added this bit:

"It should probably be noted that the term "metagame" is also used pejoratively when it comes to Tabletop Games and other roleplaying games that expect players not to jump In and Out of Character. Here, using The Metagame is often considered somewhat akin to cheating, since it's information that the player's character couldn't possibly know (since the character doesn't know he's in a game), and shouldn't be making use of."

...because the term "Metagame" is so heavily used this way in Tabletop RPGs that I was actually surprised to see the word without a negative connotation. I thought the distinction should be made clear in the article itself.

Springjack: I find it hilarious that there is a mention of Rock.Paper/Scissors