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Working Title: Metafiction Index: From YKTTW
Sci Vo: This is just a note that this index is a member of itself on purpose. It's accurate (since the trope title breaks our implicit Fourth Wall), it's illustrative (since it recontextualizes itself), and it doesn't break scrolling through the index.
Fast Eddie: Wouldn't you rather see the Troper definition of Metafiction than the Evil Bureaucracy's?

Sci Vo: Yes! However, I've thought about what it would take for me to write that, it's a very difficult concept to nail down, and that's probably one of the best Wikipedia articles ever. (I also linked to it in Post-Modernism and Literary Agent Hypothesis.) What do you suggest?

Fast Eddie: Oh. Well, I'll take a swat at it, next time I have a few cycles open.

gethen: I removed the extra markup from the wiki words. hopefully it does not change the displayed version of the page at all. revert as needed.