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Lale: Aslan isn't a symbolic, politically-correct, inoffensive substitute for Christ; he's a literal representation of Christ, the same Christ from Earth, as he explains in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, "known by another name" in Narnia.

HeartBurn Kid: Fair enough, I haven't actually read the books. I just wanted to put the phrase "Talking Lion Jesus" in there. I'll re-add it without the link.

Lale: As a side note, he's actually a lion because one of the names for Christ is "Lion of Judah."

William Wide Web: Or as I like to say about Narnia: "JESUS CHRIST IS A LION! GET IN THE CAR!"
Charred Knight: Obviously the writer is not trying to compare Light, an insane Knight Templar who thinks his god with Jesus Christ.

  • Light Yagami in Death Note sees himself as a Messiah, as do millions of people all around the world. He may or may not just be a sociopath who kills people with a magic notebook. Okay, he only kills bad people. And people who dare oppose him.

Daibhid C: Okay, how is Dark Knight Trilogy Batman an example of the trope?
Laota: I took Odin out of the examples as he's less of a Messianic Archetype and more of a lying, selfish, discord-sewing Manipulative Bastard who's not as concerned with the destruction of the world as he is with the destruction of his stuff. And this revelation is from someone who worships him above all other gods, So Yeah.
  • Be that as it may, his sacrifice [to himself] is a clear parallel to the Crucifixion.