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Arutema: Are you sure about the God of War example. I remember choosing Easy difficulty from the "New Game" menu. Was it changed in God of War 2 or Chains of Olympus?

Korval: Why is this classified as "Fake Difficulty"? It makes the game easier, not harder.

Big T: Because the fact that an easy mode exists implies that the original mode was just a Fake Difficulty.

Kimiko Muffin: I always got Easy Mode in The Matrix: Path of Neo as an option, even when I won the "dream sequence" level ... Of course, maybe that's because I never beat it my first try on that save file. Can anyone say anything about having beaten it without dying first? Because in that case, it doesn't count as Mercy Mode. —-

kpk47: Why is there mention of the rocket launcher from RE 4? Is it only available if you die a certain number of times?