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Socran: I couldn't resist with that picture. One look at Schwarz defines this trope.

tsai_tsai_he: but the link below it... why? the black-red-gold was forbidden in Nazi times. The GDR, FRG and AFAIK the Weimar Republic use it. Not everything German is Nazi. Of the more than 200 year long history of the country, we were 13 years long under the rule of the NSDAP, stop the association already!

Nerdorama: Would McSamurai go on this page as a variation? I'm pimping Super Robot Wars right now, and I've got my eye on Sanger, Sanger Zonvolt, the Sword That Cleaves Evil as an example here.

Striker Omega: Are we sure Elektra fits this trope? I mean, she did get trained by the Hand.


* Naruto, anyone? Aside from the continent the size of North America with a dozen or more distinct ninja villages, there are also specialty shinobi like the ninja-M Ps, ninja-doctors, ninja-chefs, and ninja-mailmen.

A spectacular case of missing the trope's point.

Ralff: Removed this:

* pardon me, but since the Mc.Ninja family received their training from a real Japanese ninja (long ago) doesn't that mean that he is not a Mc.Ninja according to the definition given for this trope?

Because Dr. McNinja is absolutely an example of this trope, and it's conversation in the main page.
Johnny E: A lot of rather circular reasoning on here: "Ninja are stealthy assassins, and only from Japan -> X is a stealthy assassin who's not from Japan -> X is a total Gaijinja! One who uses a gun and dresses in desert camo!" I guess if we don't have a trope for just "stealthy assassins", fair enough, but it seemed like this one was meant to be specifically "Ninja from outside Japan"?