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Kilyle: I question the description of Durkon's parting as Honor Before Reason. Everything about his alignment says he would never form a long-lasting, healthy relationship with a woman, knowing that she had pointlessly abandoned her husband. I realize that his impression of the events, given her words, was somewhat distinct from ours, but I just don't see the applicability of the trope.

The concept of "manly tears" seems like it's suffered to some degree from memetic drift. When it was first described to this troper, lo in the murky prehistory of the intertubes, it specifically referred to tears cried as a result of experiencing something AMAZING—especially if it involves persevering against overwhelming odds or pushing oneself to the limits of human ability—rather than experiencing something SAD. That is, manly tears are not tears cried by men (even manly men) when they're unhappy but when they've just witnessed a Crowning Moment of Awesome. It was apparently one of those Japanese cultural tropes stretching god-knows-how-far back, frequently appearing in yakuza and samurai genre flicks, and later migrating into those dead-serious 'gambatte!'-themed sports anime. It's a pity that the concept has been reduced from a pithy expression of one of those nuanced Japanese emotional sensations to being pretty much just what the two words literally mean.

Goldfritha: One reason why accurate names are wise. Besides, there is overlap. a heroic sacrifice can be both awesome and sad.

Klendt: I suggest an actual criteria described for this trope, because it seems that everyone and their dogs are eager to pimp their article here, even when it plainly doesn't belong. Relationships and manly tears do not mix. I'm thinking a good start would be: When something dear to the world or the character's heart is revealed lost. Examples: -witnessing a heroic sacrifice -having killed someone who was once their friend (shot the dog) -extravagant grief for some lost grand vision. -helplessness before some atrocity On the positive end of the trope, having done one's best and yet failed is a tried-and-true opportunity. Thumbs up, closed eyes, smile and thumbs up optional. As a rule of thumb, if a single trumpet playing a lonely, defiant tune in the background doesn't seem appropriate, it isn't appropriate for this trope. Ideas? Thoughts? Flames?

Hordriss: What about The Nostalgia Critic and his top 11 saddest moments? It's near impossible to get through without this trope occurring, so does it belong here? And if so, should it be in Real Life or Web Original?

goodyfun: Web Original, if you've not figured it out yet. Speaking of That Guy with the Glasses, do any of you think the Nostalgia Chick quote on the quote page should go on the main page? It describes the trope perfectly, and she even says "manly tear".