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"rarely looking back..." in art classes where we went over the male gaze we'd lots of examples of the woman looking directly at you. Her looking at you reinforced the context "she's posing for you to see her" b/c she holds a sexy position with full knowledge she's being viewed. A shot may be set up for the male gaze but the male gaze isn't the subject of a shot unless it's acknowledged the woman's being watched. Follow?

Jisu: This isn't the sensationalist, New Media Are Evil-spouting hometown newspaper, you know. There are a lot of perfectly good Dating Sim games that don't have the player as a "serial rapist".

Pavlov: Is that better?

Jisu: I'm satisfied — what about you, Mister Six?

BT The P: Here's a fun statistical experiment. Go to a comic shop, and take note of how far it is from the center of any given cover to the nearest partially-exposed or spandex-clad breast. The mean average is a very low number, less than an inch as I recall. (For covers without any, use the longest radius to the edge of the page as a null value.)

Mister Six: The serial rape thing was just a silly quip. It wasn't supposed to offend.

Fast Eddie: Image too wide, hotlinked. Thereby, zapped.

Nornagest: I was under the impression that the Nude Raider patch (for Tomb Raider, of course) was mythical. Certainly the texturing tools you'd need to make it wouldn't have been widely available at the time of the early games' release.

I could, of course, be wrong.
nobody: Removed "(other than Akira Toriyama indulging one of his fetishes, something he's admitted to)" from the following entry:
  • When Gohan, Krillen and Bulma land on a strange spaceship in Dragon Ball Z, they want to go explore it. Bulma is apparently so excited to traverse the ship that she forgets to put on pants. She spends the next several episodes in her eponymous underwear for no reason (other than Akira Toriyama indulging one of his fetishes, something he's admitted to).
because this never happened in the manga and thus has nothing to do with Toriyama. In fact I don't even know what he's talking about.
Wascally Wabbit: Has this article been defaced? It seems to start in mid-discription.

Fast Eddie: fixed now
Midna: There's a terrible pun I could make based off of the article's picture, but I won't, to save you all the pain.
Rothul: Removed

  • This wiki itself is particularly susceptible to this in various ways. For a specific example, compare the entries on Yuri Fanboy and Yaoi Fangirl. Notice in the former entry, specific mention is made of 'Yuri Fangirls', while there is nothing on 'Yaoi Fanboy' in the latter entry, implying that males find the idea of girls into yuri desirable while yaoi-liking males are Squick. Again, in the former entry, there are links to sources that seem to normalize yuri fangirls and fanboys, whereas even though there has been scholarly articles on the phenomenon of females liking male homosexuality in fiction, no one has linked to them, which implies a male selection bias against sources and studies that support this phenomenon.

As this is a visual trope, perhaps it belongs on Double Standard. Also, I'd have to disagree that this we, as a wiki, are "particularly susceptible" to this, as the nature of wikidom everyone has the power to correct whatever latent sexism they observe with a press of a button (something sorely lacking in real life discussion). In any case, the proper response to be encouraged to perceived problems with a trope should be just fixing the pages in question, not complaining about it on another page.

Some Guy: I've edited the description to get rid of the Straw Feminist effigy. The main reason why the Female Gaze doesn't get more criticism is because it's a lot less common. Compare the pages images as an example. One is a blatant street advertisement that's rather obviously Mr. Fanservice in action. The other is a still image from an Anime with no obvious purpose and we have hundreds more just like it.

Man Without A Body: I know the page said "no quotes", but I really think this one would be great. What do people think?
We now switch live to Leer-Cam!

Japanese Teeth: I have no objection. And I currently don't see any note banning a quote, so feel free to put it up.