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Jim: Corrected a few spelling errors. Was tempted to remove some of the more recent, snarkier, edits, but hey, I'll let it ride. Question, though: Our Vampires Are Different, are they? Where exactly are they? Kettle was a little dead girl cursed like that, as was Shurq. They were both pretty much just animated dead bodies, with no real special vulnerabilities, no vampiric abilities, and no need to drink blood, the Forkrul Assail were an Elder Race, and I can't think of anything else in there really resembling vampires. I could be mistaken, though. Also, is it still Wangst when it doesn't drag on and dominate the series, as well as being kinda justified on the occasions it shows up?

In addition to that one, I really, really don't think that Apsalar falls under the archetype of Dark Magical Girl. Seriously, despite the name of the trope, it invokes an archetype a little more defined than being female, morally ambiguous and having access to unpleasant supernatural abilities. See Black Magician Girl and Dark Action Girl, the latter being more appropriate. Damn, I wish there was a page entry dealing purely with all the tropes associated with assassins and killers. Oh, yeah, see also Villain Protagonist.

  • Spectrum: What do you mean the Wangst doesn't drag on and dominate the series? It takes up grotesque amounts of space. Some characters seem to exist for the sole purpose of wangsting (most notably Seren Pedac).

Alkthash: I put in the Dark Magicalgirl entry for Apsalar because of her relationship with Corkus and emotional issues. She does seem to genuinely care about him going so far as to get Cotillion to promise to find out what happened to him near the end of The Bonehunters. That and the truly odd father-daughter relationship she and Cotillion have.

Jim: Good point. It's Crokus, by the way.

Daggerstab: I've just removed: No vampires that I can think of. An as someone pointed out in Thorin Adjective Noun, these are soldiers' nicknames and heroic epithets (e.g. Scabandari Bloodeye, Dujek One-arm, etc.).

jwdoom: I still disagree with Apsalar as Dark Magical Girl. The text states "her greatest fear is to be alone" and that doesn't describe Apsalar at all. And she doesn't use sorcery, not in the way Quick Ben or Kuru Qan do, anyway.

I also had to make Udinaas leaving Rhulad a spoiler.

Who's the Bad Ass Normal? Brys?

Would Squick or maybe Fan Disservice apply to Tehol in Reaper's Gale? Or is it not explicit enough? I was still grossed out, and poor Bugg certainly was.

Freezer: Cut the bit about Icarium and Karsa Orlong from Did You Just Punch Out Chthulu.

  • What about Karsa and Icarium? The latter has been made out continually to be the most dangerous person on the earth (Including most of the gods of the series) and the former takes him out with a -literal- punch to the face.
    • That doesn't quite count, since Karsa hadn't gotten his Crippled God upgrade yet, so was absolutely no match for Icarium at that point.
    • The guy is unconsious on the floor. What more do you want?

I can only recall them fighting once, and that was in House Of Chains with Icarium sucker punching Karsa before things became a full-out fight. And even if I'm completely wrong about that, that's more One-Hit KO or Curb-Stomp Battle, since Icarium is just as dangerous as Karsa - probably more so.