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cde: Does ""magical power source"" really belong in this trope? Mainly, the Sonic examples. Why the emeralds might be magical in nature, does using them as nothing more then batteries count as magical technology? Or the Escaflowne example, as the hearts of dragons are used like the miniature nuclear reactors in Gundam. Nothing more.


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  • Original idea Seth/Robert, Name suggested Ununnilium, trope launched by Robert.
Paul A: I may be missing something due to not having watched the show, but I don't see how the Avatar: The Last Airbender example fits.

Seth: Sigh - it doesn't. I can't catch em all i guess. When the new series starts every time an episode airs we will have a mass cleanup to do with everyone vamp bending avatar into every single trope.

And it was put on the top of the page again. That is an example of a collary of clarks third law. Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology. (Do we have a trope for that) it is most definitely not bamboo technology because they used magic to make it work.

Robert: We've got Sufficiently Advanced Alien, but I don't think we got magic as technology substitute — I suggest Techno Magic.

What about Wallace and Gromit style contraptions, variously referred to as Heath Robinson and Rude Goldberg machines? There's certainly a lot of overlap with Bamboo Technology, but are they the same thing?

Seth: I would say no, they are just overly complicated machines.

Ununnilium: Isn't magic-as-technology Dungeon Punk? Or is that just one kind?

(And if we do make a page for it, I suggest Magitek.)

Robert: Just one kind. Discworld isn't Dungeon Punk. Turtledove's The Toxic Spell Dump describes a society just like ours, but based on magic, also not punk. Magitek is a good name though.

Seth: Magitek sounds like a good name. Breath of Fire 3 has it as well with Chrysim energy. And Of course the actual Magitek from Final Fantasy VI

Ununnilium: Taking out:

The need for Magitek arises because of the inherent incompatibility between magic and technology. Technology relies on harnessing the laws of physics. Magic relies on telling the laws of physics to sit down and shut up. In the worlds of Harry Potter and Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura technological items won't even fucntion near strong magical fields. Arcanum also flips this, with weaker magic failing near advanced machinery such as a locomotive.

...because magic and technology are not incompatible in many series.

Cassius335: Do we count the morphing technology from Power Rangers (to various extents, depending on incarnation) as Magitek?

Ununnilium: Good question. Not the stuff with Zordon, I think, where it's mostly presented as technology even if they do some Magic from Technology stuff, but possibly some of the later ones.
Citizen: Does this count as Magitek, and if so, could a cropped version be this trope's pic? =P
Marie: I really don't think the Artemis Fowl example belongs here. The advanced Fairy technology isn't handwaved as magic, the explanation is that Fairies are smarter, live longer, and had a civilisation hundreds of millenia before humans (I think the quote that implies this was Holly saying something along the lines of "we were [doing something with technology] when your ancestors were still banging rocks together"). I'm removing it.
Adam850: Removed [[FinalFantasyVI]], as a broken hotlink.