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Tabby: Not gonna go so far as to alter the trope name, but the geek in me can't sit idly by and not observe that that infamous line is never actually uttered in the film.

Idle Dandy: Nor is "Play it again, Sam." Nor is "Beam me up, Scotty" (until the movies.)

Why don't we call it "Luke, I Am Your Tedious, Overused Plot Device"? ~~~~

Morgan Wick: You mean, after The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Cliches?

Well...those are some good name titles, at least in my opinion.

Morgan Wick: At least, they're good ideas for entries. I'm working on copying the list over so we can see which ones might warrant pages...

Metal Shadow X: What if we just change it to I Am Your Father? I'm sure many people will still get the reference.

Paul A: Is Luke, I Am Your Father limited to parent-child relationships, or does it also include long-lost siblings? (I'm thinking particularly of the season finale of The Pretender in which the female lead discovers that her major rival is actually the supposedly-dead-at-birth twin brother nobody ever told her she had.)

Looney Toons: Well, I am the original author of this entry, and using the near omnipotent power this gives me, I say, sure, why not?

Jisu: Does it still count if we know the relation, but the characters don't, and their reaction to The Reveal is about the same? Of course I'm thinking Sara and Ralph in Soukou no Strain here (though Sara too knew the relation, her friends didn't), as well as the animated versions of Misaki and Shuuko in Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer (we know the whole time, she doesn't).

Lale: No. That's... one of the 3 forms of Irony. I can never keep them straight.

Tanto: Dramatic irony.

Andyroid: Removed the quote from The Empire Strikes Back... again. It's mentioned at the top of the page (hell, this trope is named for that quote!), and anyway the actual quote is on Beam Me Up, Scotty!.
Removed this bit: Cause it's duplicated in the more extensive Power Rangers entry a few lines down.
Robert Bingham: Would somebody be so kind as to restore the page? My last edit resulted in an error and the whole page got erased.

Sci Vo: (deleted irrelevent stuff) Scratch that, I just saw Ask The Tropers. Never mind.
Sikon: Does Death Note really qualify? It's not like Light grows in orphanage and the leader of the investigation team says that he is Light's father, much to his shock. And his father never learns that Light is Kira (okay, this probably didn't need the spoiler tag) anyway.
Valgaav: Given that there's a warning about spoilers at the top of the page, why are there so many spoiler tags used in the Examples?
What about Megaman.Exe being Lan's brother Hub?
Tomoko: Hang on, Campbell was only revealed as Meryl's father in the ending where Otacon and Snake go riding off into the sunset, which is the non-canon ending, Could I go ahead and change that?