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Fly: Surely this:

A rare example of this trope appearing in a non-RPG, the game Ikaruga (simply by virtue of inheriting twenty years of evolution thanks to the shooter genre adapting to each new wave of technology as it appears) allows for the player to complete the game without ever firing a single shot.

is a Pacifist Run?

I don't know, because I'm not familiar with the game. Can someone who is help me?

Tanto: 'Twould seem so. Moving it. If someone can come up with a reason as to why the previous classification is correct, we can move it back.
Paul A: Just added a chunk of detail about the Star Control II example that was listed under Disc-One Nuke for some reason.

Thomas: Does anyone have a video of the SC 2 run being done?

Citizen: Shouldn't the Star Control II example go under Script Breaking?

Geese: The crashing bit likely should get a mention there, but the challenge itself is a picture-perfect example of a Low Level Run.
  • In all versions of the Zelda franchise this challenge is completed through defeating the last boss by ignoring any non-necessary items and purposely avoiding the health-increasing power-ups that are dropped by every boss. This may also include ignoring every item that increases the capacity for ammunition such as extra capacity for the bow and bombs. Nintendo Power had a chart every month for as long as this writer can remember listing the names of people since the last issue who had completed one of the Zelda games with only 3 hearts.

Tanto: ...Also known as a Minimalist Run, where this is already mentioned.