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Cassius335: I don't remember it ever being stated exactly what happened to make Brock leave Professor Ivy's company with such associated distress.

Drow Lord: Er... Mat's not really a sex maniac. He hits on any woman (aside from Aes Sedai, of course) who doesn't express disinterest or annoyance, sure, but that last part's the key. Also, I can't recall any times he's tried to get in Tuon's pants (he's tried to be on friendly terms with her, sure, but it hasn't been overtly sexual). He'd really be better off in Handsome Lech, if anything...

Nornagest: Cut the following:

* Real-Life example: This troper easily falls into this group. I was more in this group when I was in High School where I basically wanted to sleep with just about every girl I knew in High School. To some extent this is true now long after I'm out of high school, even though now I want to have sex with some of the women I know (mainly one of my mom's coworker's daughters, my ex, a underage teenage mother, and a female that I am currently in a Love Triangle with.

Adds nothing to the article.

Feo Takahari: The link for "Blue Dragon" goes to the RPG. According to the "Chivalrous Pervert" page, said RPG isn't related. Also, anyone think we should cut some examples that overlap with Chivalrous Pervert?

Necrolet: Just wants to add that the comment about Jerry Lawler, while valid, is in no way unusual within professional wrestling. Having BEEN a valet in a smaller production company, I can attest that not only do the older announcers do this, but pretty much ALL male wrestlers as well, married or not.
BritBllt: Replacing this pic...

I'd like you to bear my child



The former pic's always struck me as having too smooth and handsome a protagonist being seemingly fawned over by adoring women (I suspect it's a gag fantasy shot, but only an InuYasha fan who's familiar with the context would know for sure). Out of context, it might make a good pic for a Casanova, but it doesn't really scream "lovable sex maniac". I dunno who originally uploaded the Roshi image, but it's perfect for this trope - even without the context, there's no mistaking a dirty old man going googly-eyed over a magazine.