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Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Before anyone adds this to the Cut List again, it's in regular English as well as Kitty Pidgin for those of you who aren't fluent in Lolspeak. Scroll down a little bit.

SpiriTsunami: Awesome article. I love it.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Someone edited it to tone down the funny, removed most of the information, and it's not even a Self-Demonstrating Article anymore. WTF?

Frying Pan: Is it disturbing that I understand everything it says?

Ace Of Scarabs: Nope, it just means your 1337-fu is strong.

Nate The Great: Could someone add SFDebris' example from his Star Trek: The Next Generation "Genesis" review? At 8:56 we see Data's cat Spot after she's been mutated into a lizard. "LOL IM LIZRD HSSS." I'm not sure where it'd fit into the page.