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Dark Sasami: Bloody buggered smegging zarking razza-frazzing hellbiscuits, I completely hosed up the YKTTW launch with a momentary brain-slip at a crucial time. I do not know a way to fix it.

Paul A: Can you describe the actual problem? Maybe somebody else will know how to fix it.

Dark Sasami: Heh, thought it'd be more obvious. I clicked Launch to get the YKTTW discussion onto this page, then accidentally typed Left instead of Locked out. I moved the reference here, but it's still called "Left Out Of The Loop"....

Paul A: Oh, that? I fixed that already.

Alex319: Does "practically every RPG where the hero learns he is helping to destroy the world rather than save it" fall under this? It doesn't seem like it does:

- First of all, it's a fact about the character's current role in the plot, not about his past or background.

- Second, the other main characters (at least the ones on the hero's side) usually don't know the truth.

- The truth is not being concealed from the hero "for the hero's own good". It;s the villain doing the concealing, and it's for the villain's own good. (Although, of course, it almost never works.)

It seems like this goes under Xanatos Gambit instead.

Mith: Yeah, I'm going to move that.

Taper W: Changed the Haruhi entry: Removed "She finds out, but instead of going into A God Am I mode, decides it was All Just a Dream instead", since, although she ends up in the world she's destroying and recreating around her, and is snapped out of it and dismisses it as a dream, she doesn't ever know she's the one doing it.