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Washington 213 Why the hell is this in the Sugar Wiki? It's just a Costume Trope that describes a dress that appears sometimes.

Dragon Quest Z: It actually appears a lot. It's just not always obvious. And the thing is there was discussion about renaming the Main/ trope Little Black Dress to make room for this, but it was agreed it would be too common just to make a trope for, so I made this page as a fun thing.

It's also a take on the page Sugar Wiki/Toblerone, when Boisterous Bruiser was called The Toblerone.

Nornagest: Unless there's a namespace conflict here, I think this has a place as a costume trope on the main wiki. It's a trope, but it's neither annoyingly lighthearted nor a glurgey takeoff on something else, and so it doesn't belong here.

Dragon Quest Z: Again, there was a discussion that it wasn't enough to be a main/ trope.

macroscopic: Moved from the Sugar Wiki namespace after the discussion in Trope Repair and renaming Launcher of a Thousand Ships from Little Black Dress. SugarWiki.Little Black Dress is set up as a redirect until all the wicks are changed.