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Working Title: Starfish Character: From YKTTW

Prfnoff: I'm trying to split this from Evil Twin (appropriately, it's a trope about characters being split). I'm not sure how well I'm doing.

Micah: I feel like it also needs disentangling from Enemy Without, which seems to have a bunch of the same examples. (This is why I never got around to launching it—figuring out its exact niche looked like more trouble that I wanted to think about at the time). The logical division that I see is:

  • Evil Twin: The two characters are in every way treated as distinct people, who just happen to look like each other and have corresponding/opposing traits for the purpose of narrative awesome.
  • Enemy Without: One of the characters is explicitly subordinate to the other (usually because they're the "evil side", but not necessarily: I think Calvin's good duplicate belongs here, as do the Anne-bits from The Wotch).
  • Starfish Character: The character is split in two; both halves are equally real.

Does this make sense to you?

  • Does Zetsu from Naruto count?