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Ununnilium: Thought the Hey Arnold!! examples were just too long and crufty, so cut 'em.

Lale: The Avatar entry was, well, not an example.

Mc Max I corrected the Avatar entry in that Zuko was shown in several outfits in season 1.

Wiki: See there's that "I'm just now figuring out that this place has a buncha anime fans". Anyway, "while still generally superior to American product" I believe the word is opinionated.

gs68: Uh, isn't it a little redundant to have a list of exceptions when exceptions have their own page?

Slatz Grobnik: Moved the Troper Tales to the Troper Tale page.

athcnv: what about Old Master Q? The characters usually wore the same. At least 1 comic actually showed a limited wardrobe (e.g.: Strip 1703 under There was also another one which showed a robber breaking in, and leaving angry and empty handed because all the clothes and shoes were the same. Beowulf S. Is it worth pointing out that clothing was so much more expisnsive pre-industrail revolution that most historical characters are atleast partaily justified?