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Andrew Leprich: Moved the Kingdom Hearts example over to Updated Re-release, where it fits better. It's easy to get confused between the two.
Andrew Leprich: Removed the Metal Gear Solid series from the examples. Substance, etc. are Updated Rereleases.
Selasphorus: Restored from the big crash; formatting may still be borked, apologies for that.
Sockatume: By the way, the 360 Core always had a network adaptor. Aside from the metallic trim, the actual console unit itself was identical to the Premium. The only difference was the inclusion of a hard drive and what kind of controller/freebies you got.
Kalle: I could have sworn that the Evangelion Platinum edition was released in the United States as well...?
s5555: Is everybody forgetting Half-Life 2 came out with a "special" Collector's Edition that came with CS:S, Half-Life: Source, and a T-Shirt?

Some Sort Of Troper: I'm going to make a shorthand redirect- Ultimate Edition, in fact make it two, Special Edition.

Anonymous: You forgot Limited Edition.

Jekkal — Does the Artist Edition of a webcomic books count (which usually comes with some custom sketchery and such, to the tune of an extra $10+), or is this more of a souped-up signature than a true Special Edition?