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Why dose "gaining fans even among women and even gay people." link to misaimed fandom? Gene Hunt isn't a strawman about the evils of homophobia that gay people have taken a liking to despite the creators intentions, he's a complex character who has as many (or more) redeeming qualities than his quite noticeable flaws. I removed the link, if you add it back please say why. Violet
Silent Hunter: That trailer for the US Life On Mars is so stereotypically American.

Arakhor: I have to agree with you. What happened to something mystifying happening and the audience working it out by themselves? What about mentioning something casually and not plastering it all over the screen or saying things over and over again? Strewth!

Silent Hunter: No wonder they re-did it. Harvey Keitel is now doing the Gene Hunt roll.

BTW, imagine an anime Life on Mars...

Pastafarian: Can people please not use completely unexplained acronyms? I figured out that DCI means "Detective Chief Inspector," but I'm not even sure I'm right, and it's not a very reader-friendly way of doing things.

What would the regression from the "circle" idents back to the 1970s BBC ident before the show start be called? It can't be Interface Screw...
Ronfar: Which should I watch, the American or British version of the show? (I'm American, if that matters, and unfamiliar with British police...)