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Cassius335: Why doesn't this page have any relation to Scooby-Doo

Tanto: Because the name fits the concept perfectly and there's no reason to change it.
The game hits you with a final sucker punch by giving the magicians little to no items and having many of the enemies in that particular dungeon be resistant to magic.

Tanto: As it happens, I played through this dungeon this past Friday, and I'm nearly certain that this is not the case. A couple blasts of Pyrus, combined with some physical attacks, will destroy anything in Aika and Fina's path. And you don't really need huge stores of items; the enemies really do no damage there...

The Defenestrator: And it helps that by this point in the game, Fina is basically Go Team Cleric by herself.
Kilyle: Why is there no corresponding Horror version of this trope page? You know, where the tribe that had been taking safety in numbers decides the best thing to do would be to split into groups of no more than two people each, and just head off in different directions, be it to hunt for something or be multiple Achilles in His Tent bits or what have you? I thought instantly of this trope while watching an episode of Criminal Minds in which Reid and J.J. decided to split up (wow, that's smart), and I'm amazed to find it nowhere on TV Tropes. This must be corrected. And then linked from this page.