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Lynceus: Okay, so the provided etymology of the term "lemon" makes perfect sense to me, but I can't help but wonder, is it pure coincidence that in middle-English (i.e. somewhere between Old English and Shakespeare's English, Chaucer would be the example of this most people know) "lemman," which would be pronounced similarly, is a word for "lover?" I mean, it probably is. Even so, it would be an usually eerie coincidence. Thoughts? Should this be included on the main page in some fashion?

Looney Toons: Oh, and before anyone asks, the reason the quote cites an "unnamed" fic is because when I put that quote in my quote file some ten years ago, I neglected to include the fic name and author. And my Google-fu is weak and has not turned it up for me.

Seth: I can't remember the name of the fic but i think the authors name was Gary Klepe. I will do a search.

Found it: There goes the Neighborhood - A Triple Takahashi Crossover by Gary Kleppe

Looney Toons: Oh, cool. Google failed me, how did you find it?

Seth: Because i am pure awesome distilled in human form? I just happened to recognize that line, which is surprising i don't read many fan fics at all, we just both happened to find that one memorable.

Ununnilium: Oh, wow, Aiken Muyo was one of my favorites back in the day — I was about to mention it for this. John Biles' Lemon Sherbet is another good one to mention. Not sure how to write the example, tho.

Looney Toons: I remember reading Lemon Sherbert many years ago, but I don't remember much about it, now. But yeah, it's a good example to include.
Looney Toons: Unnamed vandal at — who gave you the right to delete links arbitrarily?

What is the difference between a slash and a lemon? The closest I've been able to come is a lemon is an actual story that has sex, usually, and just a sex scene(s)... — Azaram

Slash as a Fan Fic that pairs two (or more) characters of the same sex. A lemon is, as you said, an actual story that has sex. Very offen Slash fics are Lemons but not always just like not all Lemons are Slash (thank god).