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Non Ame: Nightmares? Those characters are just human type Muppets instead of the usual animals and monsters seen on "Sesame Street". Here in the US, "LazyTown" airs on Nickelodeon in the morning during the Nick Jr. block (at least it DID until it was abandoned to the Noggin cable network). Nickelodeon also has a show called "Mr. Meaty" where the puppets are deformed, sweaty, acne-ridden teenagers and no-one complains about them since that show airs a few hours later in the afternoon. How is that fair?

Marie: That one was here when I got here (most of the other LT examples were me), I just linked to it when I created this page. I don't think they're that strange-looking personally, they kinda look like 3D cartoon people to me, but ::shrug:: no accounting for taste. Nightmare Fuel is a pretty long page though, lots of people have very strange examples for that page.

Kilyle: Under what circumstances is a female Minority not a Twofer Token Minority? Because I see in the cast list two additional female characters, one of them a leading co-star, and I was under the impression that the Twofer was in a show where they're basically the only female, or one of three in a cast of dozens. Does this girl actually count as a Twofer, or is that merely a knee-jerk reaction to "Asian plus female"?

Marie: Interesting question. While 3/9 is certainly not extremely outnumbered, it's still quite a bit less than our actual percentage of the population, and females are often counted as basically the same category as minorities in RL where we actually slightly outnumber the males. There is some stuff about Trixie's place in the show that bugs me, but it's not necessarily the twofer thing.

Non Ame: Trixie is the only character whose house has not been shown on TV. In the website for the Icelandic plaze plays it is shown that she lives in a trailer.

Marie: I just worked out what the heck you're jabbering on about. I was talking about her role and characterisation, not her house, though yeah, I did know that Halla lived in a caravan.
Marie: LOL, The Pocket. LOL. (Literal LOLs. Cannot. Stop. Giggling.)
Marie: Care to explain what you meant by Not Distracted by the Sexy, Because unless you're referring to the fact that the mayor is the only grown man in LazyTown who cares Bessie has Most Common Superpower, I don't see it, and your explanation seems to be talking about something you do or don't feel, not something the other characters do or don't feel like the trope's page says.

Ummm... Does there really need to be a mention of Lolicon in the examples? It isn't it the show, Lazy Town is a kid show, and it doesn't seem to be necessary.

Marie: Regretfully, yes, I think it does have to be. There's a whole index for unexpected reactions, so it being unintentional on the creators' parts doesn't make it any less relevant. About 90% of the adult or teen males who are 'fans' of the show are loli for Stephanie, and in some circles, having a pink-haired "loli" is what LazyTown is known for. Heck, go look at the it just bugs me page.
Marie: @ I am A Pirate, I do not remember that, and I've seen all the regular episodes multiple times and enough of LazyTown Extra to know the mayor's segments are with Stingy and so seem unlikely to involve talking about Stephanie's hair. Do you have a quote, episode name, some context?