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Rinny: re: Voldemort, I think he definitely belongs here. Sure, his main concern is his own immortality, but why else would he bother killing Muggles and asserting the magical community's power at all? Why else, in the final battle, would he worry over the "waste" of magical blood being spilled? He's definitely got a greater agenda, even if he's primarily concerned with his own welfare.

Megaduck: I think Voldemort is Chaotic Evil. Ultimately, he's a terrorist trying to tear down the wizard government. He doesn't even try to rule said government except by proxy. Even the death eaters don't really have a well definite structure with rules. The only real rule they seem to have is 'Do whatever Voldy says, NOW!' He respects pure bloods because that's what he wants, on the other hand he never really shows any desire to build anything. He just destroys stuff.

Charred Knight: Deleted, Kiljaedan fell through the portal and still leads the Burning Legion. That's why you loot the Necklace instead of his body. His still alive, and will return probably in a later expansion when you take it to the Burning Legion itself.

Justice Gundam: Just a question, why was the Sword Of Truth example (about Richard being Lawful Evil) deleted? I'm not criticizing here, just curious about the reasoning.

Phoenix Fire: Probably because the author definitely didn't intend for Richard to come across as a Jerk Ass and a fan decided to support him in that. Incidentally, why is Mab listed here? While it's admittedly really hard to figure out her motives, she never struck me as lawful in the slightest.

Taelor: Removed Mab, as she doesn't really fit.

BritBllt: If anyone has a problem with Frieza of DBZ as an example, bring the issue here instead of abritrarily deleting it without comment. Given that he's established as "the ruler of the galaxy" for countless years, he clearly fits the Evil Overlord trope which is listed as an example of this trope. In fact, he's the only villain in the whole series to do so (all the others, from the saiyans up to Buu, tend to be omnicidal maniacs - he's the only one given an existing, stable empire and the motivation of preserving his empire at all cost).

Azcx: I argue that Frieza is really chaotic evil instead of lawful due to the fact that he doesn't really care about bringing order to the galaxy. All he cares about is tormenting and destroying people and the planets for his own sadistic pleasure. That was the whole reason he was searching for the Dragon Balls so that he could be come immortal and his reign of terror would never end.

BritBllt: Oh he's evil, no doubt, but there's an order to his evil that seems to make him unique in the villain lineup. Whereas characters like Cell and Buu couldn't wait to begin a galactic holocaust, Frieza went unopposed for so long that, had he wanted to lay waste to the Dragonball galaxy, he could've done it many times over. Even knowing about the prophecy that a saiyan would kill him one day, he chose to use them as mercenary slaves first, and he keeps some of them around as soldiers even after destroying their planet. Part of that's his arrogance, but it also shows that he won't destroy anything or anyone he thinks can still be useful to him, even if he knows they might later pose a threat. Granted, the series mostly just pays lip service to Frieza as ruler (the most we ever see is him sitting on his throne in flashbacks), but DBZ hardly ever deals with anything apart from the fighters themselves, and Frieza's shown in flashbacks as hosting delegates and arranging meetings, something no other DBZ villain would even think of doing. Within its limited scope, Frieza strikes me as the closest it comes to portraying an organized, lawful evil villain.
  • I did remove the comment about how the galaxy was faring under him though, since, for all we know, most of the galaxy might've been miserable, and Earth and Namek were just off his radar.

Killer Clowns: Removed Travis Touchdown. He's not "evil" per se, and he's not especially lawful either. I'd reckon him as True Neutral, primarily a type 5. He's completely amoral, existing only to reach the next rank, unable to separate fantasy from reality and fully grasp exactly what he's doing. He doesn't kill for fun because, as far as he's concerned, killing in of itself isn't fun. It's battle that he lives for, and killing another human being is just how battles are "supposed" to end. His inability to kill good-looking women comes primarily from not wanting to kill someone he could possibly have sex with; while he refuses to kill Shinobu and Holly Summers, he has no trouble killing Speed Buster, Bad Girl, or Jeane.

Anonymous: I would say remove Maoist China, China under Mao did a lot better than contemporary India or Africa.
Wait, why does an evil character that has some moral standards automatically becomes lawful? A gangster that shoots anyone who gets in his way but spares kids is more Neutral Evil but with some moral standards while an psycho who hunts people for fun but always gives a fair warning is still Chaotic Evil. Being lawful means you have a strict ETHICAL conduct, not at all a villain but with some moral standards. And why is there more than one type of lawful evil?-Sovvil

PS what was somebody smoking on when they put in Omnicidical Maniacs in Lawful Evil. Seriously, destruction of the galaxy is pretty much the anthesis of being lawful.