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{Biffbiffley} The "Nice shoes' Line from Bully wouldn't happen to have been amed at a goth type would it? That's a steriotypical "let's fuck" cliche for the subculture, that's why I ask.. :)

Po8: Deleted the "examples" of some editors' personal uses of this trope. As cute as they were, I don't think this wiki can go to Personal Life Tropes without becoming completely impossible to use and maintain…

ParcaKnight Fixed the Family Guy example; this is from the episode where Peter and Lois are trying to get pregnant again.

Inkblot: "TV Tropes"? More like "TV Quotes"!.
Count Dorku: Little bit of original research: adding these kind of phrases to utterly random sentences during ad breaks is quite a bit of the actress said to the bishop.

Shinzen: Changed picture. Feel the new one fits better.