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  • Spoofed in Terry Pratchett's Interesting Times. Rincewind is stuck on an island and is found by a tribe of lovely Amazons who have lost all their men to a highly specific plague and require him to repopulate their tribe. Sadly, Rincewind is magically "rescued" before he can obtain his greatest fantasy (potatoes).

This one seems more like a parody of Only You Can Repopulate My Race than a parody of this trope, so I copied it there. Does anyone object to removing it from here? — Dracula On A Bike

Fire Walk: "And if that makes the ancient Greeks seem as if they were among the worst male chauvinists in the history of humanity, that's probably because, until the Taliban came along, they were". Am I the only one who keeps reading this as "the Taliban came to Greece and taught the Ancient Greeks to cast aside their misogynistic viewpoints" followed by a moment of confusion?

theFirebottle: May I propose an alternate title Land O' Ladies?