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  • Angel biting Buffy in "Graduation Day".
    • No Just No, Buffy was clearly in pain in "Graduation Day," to the point that it looked like a rape scene after the first five seconds.
    • But between the assertions of supplemental material and folks like Riley who pay to get bitten, it's pretty clear that vampire bites in the Buffyverse do, in fact, induce euphoria, addiction or both.
    • Arguably, it could look like a rape scene, but Word of God had it that it was meant to simulate sex and the most common interpretation I've seen of it that it was just "really hot".

Burai: Removed (temporarily)...
* The David Bowie/Susan Sarandon vehicle The Kiss is the other partial Trope Namer.
... because as far as I can tell, there's no such movie (at least, not as dscribed). I think the contributor wanted The Hunger (with Catherine Deneuve as the main vampire), but having not seen more than 20 seconds of it I can't verify that it qualifies for this trope.

Usually pictures link to the origin series. Which one is that?
  • It's from Rosario + Vampire.