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Bobby G: Deleted the following, on the basis that it's apparently untrue, but we don't need natter to tell us that:

  • Taken to its logical extreme in Monster Hunter. Virtually every species of mook has a King Mook variant, which is usually a few orders of magnitude tougher and nastier than its mook counterparts. If the mook can be killed in 3 seconds, expect its bigger counterpart to take about 30 minutes to kill, to have three times as many different attack patterns, and to deal about 5 times the damage with every hit.
    • That's a load of crap. There are only few mook kinds in the game; most of them are giant bosses. The giant bosses are all completely unique, and only one species of mooks has a Giant Mook variant, which aren't that tough at all (or even really much bigger).