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Wiki: I get the short for "Sat" part, but shouldn't have this been "Killer Sat?"

Shire Nomad: It's a parody of "TelSat". I've added a note to that effect in the main article.

Looney Toons: It's also a standard usage in other contexts.
Shire Nomad: Pulled the Death Star entry, as a) it's actually a case of Earth-Shattering Kaboom, and b) it doesn't orbit the planet it plans to blow up.

Smartaleq: Anyone remember Sim-City 2000? A possible disaster was your microwave-sat power plant going haywire and beaming death in and around the area.

Thunder Phoenix: Just out of curiousity, has there been an instance where the actual beam came from the ground, and the satellite was just used to direct the attack to where it was supposed to go? Cause I think that would be a fairly interesting variation on this trope.
  • Read the third entry in the video games section C&C Generals has one of those as the USA's superweapon.

Shire Nomad: I'm inclined to disallow examples of fleets that happen to be in orbit bombarding the surface, in favor of weapon platforms that are designed to remain in orbit indefinitely (the definition of satellite). This would remove, among other examples, Warhammer 40K. I will, however, allow other people to argue their point before I begin THE PURGE.
  • Narvi: Don't be mad! Then you'd have to remove the Death Star! Do you want to remove the Death Star?
  • Shire Nomad: I already removed the Death Star. *points up* But don't feel bad; it has a new home.