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HeartBurn Kid: Honestly, I think there's something here. It's true that, in fiction, female martial artists' fighting styles tend to be kick-heavy, and in a very fan-servicey way. This is definitely a subtrope of Extremity Extremist, but I think that, with a little Wiki Magic, it could stand on its own.

We should probably clarify that this is Always Female, though, for that reason.

Fenris: In my honest opinion, I'm not sure if this constitutes it's own sub-trope. There are plenty of male characters who utilize kick-heavy styles(Regal Bryant, Kim Kaphkwan, Jhun Hoon, Kim's two sons, Baek Doo San, Eddy Gordo, Adelheid Bernstein, and I'm just scratching the surface in fighting games mostly save Regal, I hadn't even gone to other types of games) that makes me think this might just be better under Extremity Extremist. Likewise many females in fighting games use a very wide array of attacks with both punches and kicks; if anything, in a lot of the fighting games I've played, the Tae Kwan Do masters have mostly been men. I've likewise seen several manga/anime(Sanji from One Piece for just one more example off the top of my head) who have kick-happy males.

Of course it's very much a YMMV. I consider an Extremity Extremist someone that utilizes *mostly* one particular thing, but can sneak in other things(a boxer with a couple of ankle kicks, for example, would still be considered one for me, and I consider, say Hwoarang one even though Tae Kwan Do does utilize some punches.)

Of course one could take the much more complicated and spread-out route and have tropes for all the different extremeties, or it could just be simply done and ALL under Extremity Extremist. Though I admit if Kick Chick stays I'd be tempted to see a male version of the trope, He's Got Legs, since again, there are many instances where I've seen males who utilize kicking power.

Don: I think the trope stands out from needing to be lumped into Extremity Extremist because I have never, outside of Vanessa, seen a female character use all-punches, and the kicks are always played up for fanservice.

Fenris: I think I understand now. I was thinking this trope was a kind of Extremity Extremist; but I wasn't coming at it from the angle of it being pure fanservice. Now, all of the men that use kicks(and there are a whole lot if I were to comb more games), I suppose aren't played up as much for fanservice as they are just...guys that happen to use their legs. I was thinking a male version of the trope could possibly exist; but since they aren't really fanservicey as they are guys that use a particular fighting style, lumping them with Extremity Extremist was easier or made more sense I guess. As for female boxers-I am PRETTY sure there are a couple more sprinkled about, but they are rarer.