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Working Title: Kansas City Shuffle: From YKTTW

Ryusui: Um? Shouldn't that be "Mr. Mxyzptlk" in the Superfriends example?

alliterator: Thanks. Generally, when I read his name, I just skip over it. Because, you know, there are no vowels in the fourth dimension (or wherever the hell he comes from).

Nobodymuch: So this is one of those "The Same, but More" things.

Fast Eddie: Well, it is a bit murky. The crux of the thing is "When everybody look right, you go left." Which is a dance step that goes with the song by the title "Kansas City Shuffle". All the verbiage in here about Xanados could easily be zapped and we could have an article about this type of misdirection. Or a Kansas City Shuffle could be a line item in a Misdirection Gambit article. //later: I did that, zipped through and removed the Xandos references. It seems much more clear to me now.

alliterator: Oh man, whoever wrote the, uh, self-demonstrating parts of this article is awesome. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just highlight the description.

Some Sort Of Troper: That was me. I got the idea a while ago to make it self-demonstrating but only recently did I realise just who it should be about.

UT- Huh. I just got confused and thought someone had defaced it or didn't know how to properly add more song lyrics. It doesn't really seem very "you go left they fall right" tricky to me. What's the "trick" eh?

Some Sort Of Troper: Left => white text, right => black text and the "if they knew, it would all fall apart" bit is "if they highlight the page is becomes ovbvious".

Dr Thinker: Here's the odds for the ones for the Cobra comic book trick in my-not-so-humble-opinion. 40% for Cobra Commander, 60% for the Baroness/Destro alliance.