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Brief quibble: Black Mage has used more then 4 Hadokens. Off the top of my head:-
  • Killing the first giant they met
  • To cushion a deathtrap crash
  • to blow up the volcano Fighter and Red Mage were standing on
  • Blowing up an iceberg whilst on the boat crewed by the dark warriors
  • Destroying the boat full of supplies for the orphanage
  • The attempt to kill Red Mage just as they got their class changes
  • The example at the top of the page.

Could we rename this trope "Kameha Doken"? No real reason other then the fact it is shorter.
  • Well, yes, we could, but with the current version, we've got the full names for both attacks, and renaming it "Kameha Doken" would leave the name incomplete for the "Kamehameha" part. So, probably not.

  • Lucario's energy ball attack is named hadouden in Japanese.

LE Xicon 712: I posted both Kamehameha and Hadouken pictures on the page. If you plan to remove them, place them here.

NCZ: Man, the page image makes Ryu's Hadoken look puny. Could it be replaced with a Shinku Hadoken from Marvel VS Capcom? It even says that is where the page was (partially) named.

Unknown Troper: Conversely, maybe the picture for Dragon Ball should be from the side-view Budokai series rather than (I think, it looks like it anyway) Budokai Tenkaichi.