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From YKTTW Working Title: Kaizo Trap
Ace Of Scarabs: I'm wondering if there's a Platform Hell romhack with both normal and reverse Kaizo Traps mixed together to make you think carefully before hitting any switchblocks.
Excel-2010. I think this page should be split. There seem to be many examples of traps that can be avoided as opposed to ones that spring while the player has no control.
  • Known Unknown: I'd have to disagree. Most of the examples of the "no control" aspect are the Mario romhacks, and nearly every one else is avoidable. In fact, the romhack ones are avoidable, you just die if you miss the opportunity, which is essentially the same idea as the rest, hence why they are under the same trope.

Necromas: Should we include non-videogame examples of similar situations? Like, when [[Dragonball Vegeta]] cuts off Gohans tail when Gohan is in his giant ape form. This is clearly a finishing move that guarantees Vegeta victory (since it forces Gohan to turn back into a kid), until he realizes that the attack left him positioned directly underneath Gohan, who falls on and crushes Vegeta before he finishes transforming back.
  • Known Unknown: Nah, I think this should stay strictly a video game trope.