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Morgan Wick: Is any of this female-specific? It seems like a lot of it could apply to males, indeed Tarzan himself, just as well. Or is part of the trope that any example that's not Tarzan is invariably female, because Most Writers Are Male and enjoy looking at women in skimpy leopardskin bikinis?

Ununnilium: It seems to be specifically about the tropes that surround the female version, which tend to hew to a fairly well-defined mold. Of course, the latter could be a point; can't think of any male instance except Tarzan and thinly-veiled ripoffs.

Morgan Wick: Okay, so does any of this not apply to the male version?

Ununnilium: Well, the fashionableness of her jungle clothes; being considered a god/dess; the whole "being brought back to civilization" thing...

Uriel-238: Um, being brought back to civilization is part of the Tarzan gig, at least so it goes with Greystoke. George of the Jungle was also brought back in the movie. I also think Tarzan's leopard-print speedos falls into the same revealing clothing territory. Earlier Tarzans had a one-shoulder thing when speedos and bikinis were still considered too immodest.

Incidentally, if Storm gets credit for being a Jungle Princess, I think Wonder Woman should get at least equal billing, since that is the extent of her origin (as opposed to Storm's X-gene thingy).

Seth: I'm remembering a line from fables where Sinbad who doesn't speak English well refers to Mowgli as "Jungle Girl"
Tonkarz: I'd like to add the girl from The Lost World, but I can't remember her name.

Paul A: Which The Lost World? Arthur Conan Doyle's novel of that title has no jungle princesses; nor does Michael Crichton's.

BT The P: I think he means the TV series very loosely suggested by the Doyle novel. I don't remember seeing that show more than once, so I can't help you. Though we should throw in Krysta from the second Land of the Lost, the one with the SUV and the portals.
Looney Toons: Removed the addition

because it should be pretty clear we're talking about a central character type here.
arromdee: I removed Leela. Leela is a member of a tribe, not a unique character wandering around in the jungle. She was born into the tribe and is not a foreign explorer, she wasn't raised by animals, animals don't obey her, she's not treated as a goddess, and she doesn't fall in love with anyone until she gets Put on a Bus. Leela is just a Proud Warrior Race Guy, in fact one of the first sci-fi media examples.