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Shay Guy: How many companies would really need to agree, besides Viz?

White Rose Duelist: Considering that the video game rights to each series were sold separately, lots. Just as a random sampling:
  • Namco Bandai has the game rights to One Piece
  • D3 Publishing / Tomy has the game rights to Naruto
  • The rights to Bleach belong to Treasure Co, Ltd for the DS (and Sega for the Wii, and Sony for the Playstations)
  • Konami has the rights to Death Note

Shay Guy: Okay, and all this is harder than getting it greenlit for Japanese release was because...?

White Rose Duelist: The above only applies to North American publishing rights.

Kalle: Oh wow, I didn't know there was a fan translation for JUS! ♥ I'll have to check it out sometime.