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Burai: Arguably, the example of SNK's Mai actually is Gainaxing, not Jiggle Physics, since as a 2D game she doesn't have any actual "physics" just animation cels/sprites. Yes/no?

Binaroid: Good point, but I'd say that it still counts. First, SNK still had to animate Mai's breasts for each possible move (and not all 3D games use actual physics engines for their Jiggle Physics). Second, since there was a selectable option to enable or disable the jiggling, that separates it from being simple animation.

FlameAdder: Plus, since the advent of Maximum Impact, Mai is now a 3D character model.

The Soul Calibur series displays this, but it is very much downplayed and almost, dare say, "realistic."
Harpie Siren: "Realistic"! I thought they looked like they were made out of foam!

{{32_Footsteps}}: In reference to the MGS variant, Final Fantasy XII also has a scene where a female character's buttocks move in an absurdly unnatural manner (Fran, during the second visit to Eruyt). Should that also get mentioned here, or should there be a gluteal variant of Jiggle Physics?

Ununnilium: In here, I think. It's all the body-parts that jiggle and wiggle.

Fly: Biased MGS fan here, but I don't remember Meryl actually 'jiggling' per se. My Youtube-fu is failing me right now, so I can't provide any evidence. It was more about her walk than actual shape deformation. (But the scene still made me laugh out loud. There was a famous flash cartoon in the fandom called Metal Gear Awesome that had a particularly amusing take on it.)

Fly again: Someone's put the Meryl example on Male Gaze as well, which I think is a much better example of what's going on. In light of that, I'm striking the Meryl example from the page. :D

Stm177: World of Warcraft — it's been 8 months since I played the game, but I seem to recall the breasts of the night elves bouncing during an idle animation. Any recent player want to comment?

Fly: Cutting April May, because she's a sprite. Therefore, she's Gainaxing.

Adam850: Cutting: "In "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" Jessica Rabbit's ample bosom an unusual bounce, her supervising animator Russell Hall reversed the natural up-down movements of her breasts as she walked: they bounce up when a real woman's breasts bounce down and vice versa." Because it isn't a video game, and is covered in other tropes.

'Twould be odd if a man's pants bulge jiggled...