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Brings Oedipus to mind... not knowing he'd murdered his father and married his mother, the play follows his efforts to find out who's brought bad luck on the city.

  • Does Oedipus count? I'm not that familiar with the story, but didn't he just not realize that the guy he killed was the king, as opposed to having a split personality who knowingly did it?

Daibhid C: I pulled this:
  • In the execrable movie LXG, very very very loosely based on Alan Moore's work, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde are more than just a split personality—when Jekyl becomes Hyde, his body transforms into a Hulklike creature that resembles what he looked like all the time in the graphic novel.

...because that is exactly what happens in the comic (and possibly the only thing in the film that is).
Junk Box 99: Possible Real Life example of the J&H trope: Road Rage. Plenty of people change behaviors pretty drastically when they get behind the wheel.

Cambdoranononononono: Removed Rorschach from Watchmen because it's followed by three (reasonable) bulletpoints about how he is not this.