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Medinoc: >>Post an NTR doujin pretty much anywhere on 4chan.
What does NTR mean?

Basically rage-porn of the main guy's girl being fucked/raped by another person, usually a douchebag. The H-Game Triangle Blue seems to be based entirely around this concept.

Also, the main guy's girl being a total cheating slut behind his back, who usually has sex with dozens of faceless guys regularly is a common variation as well.

The Commodore 64 versus Speccy debate must have passed me by completely. From where I was standing, back in the early 80s, there was no contest at all.

C64 killer pros: best sound and graphics of any 8-bit home computer, best games.

ZX Spectrum killer pros: erm… birthplace of Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, JSW II and The Hobbit. Oh, and Starquake and everything that Ultimate Software did. And it had a nifty microdrive if your budget stretched that far.

Where was I standing? Well, our family had a BBC Micro. The home computer (when did that term fall out of use?) that really said “We bought this for educational purposes!”

BBC Micro killer pros: proper printer support, proper I/O support, best floppy disk interface of any 8-bit home computer, birthplace of Elite.

Now the BBC vs Speccy debate - there was a flame war in the making! Both preceded the C64 and were competing for the same market segments. The Speccy had monochrome sprites, terrible single channel square wave sound, and a sawn-off, bastardised, squishy rubber keyboard. The Beeb was significantly more expensive and had less memory. The sides were evenly balanced, so the arguments could go on forever.

Inkblot: I'm not surprised that the debated didn't exist in the 80's. It seems to have only gotten bad when everyone but the most devoted fans of the consoles had moved on. Also, I read "microdrive" as "microwave". I had to triple-take before I realized what you said.


Fast Eddie: Needs a little something to make the title work. I'll throw it on there. Fix it if it misses the point.

  • Religion, politics, etc. ... although these important Real Life issues somehow have nothing on the other examples in the right circles.

Part of the point of the entry is that it isn't about important Real Life issues.

Also, what the heck does "A split between Wraith of MSF High and Pip of Sins: Venials about HSCM, also a further split between Wraith and a second artist during an attempt at a renewal." mean?

Scientivore: Some sort of Stupid Internet Drama that I've managed to ignore. I take it that there was a webcomic called HSCM, Wraith was the writer, Pip was the artist, and their creative relationship broke up messily.

Ununnilium: Taking it out until someone can provide details:
  • A split between Wraith of MSF High and Pip of Sins: Venials about HSCM, also a further split between Wraith and a second artist during an attempt at a renewal.

Doran: Yeah, ignore this one, I only originally threw it in because it was the only other webcomic example I could think of. Looking back, it was probably too small\not known enough to count as an Internet Backdraft. Though there is an example of what happened in this thread.
Pro-Mole: Someone knows how to write macOS without making it a Wiki Word?

Fast Eddie: MacOS

Pro-Mole: Neeeeat... [=MacOS=]!

Fast Eddie: Huh. Have you noticed how you can cut spoiler-text without changing the meaning of an example? How cool is that?
...the camp that believes baseball stars should be able to take all the performance-enhancing drugs they want and be commended for it because they're famous will probably never be closed.

Tanto: At the risk of invoking one of these... biased much? I don't believe I've ever seen someone make this argument. (And believe me, I'm in a position to know.) The position that always runs counter to anti-steroids fanaticism is one of steroids agnosticism, with people who believe that the effects of steroids (both on the players and the sport) is vastly overstated. As with abortion, no one is really "pro"-steroids, it's merely to what extent are you willing to tolerate steroids.

I'm changing it to a less-incendiary phrasing.

Rann: The reason it was changed was to match the other side. It made the side against steroids sound completely unreasonable, so why shouldn't the other side be made to sound equally unreasonable? If you don't like the incendiary phrasing, very well, I'll change the other half of it to sound "less incendiary" as well.
Morgan Wick: Would this (read the annotation) count as an example?

Logos: Interesting. I always thought that a spade was basically a broad blade on a handle, designed to be thrust into soil. It can be used to break and turn earth, or excavate holes or trenches. It can also be used to pick up earth or rubble, but isn’t nearly so good at it, especially if the earth or rubble is piled on flat concrete or other hard standing. A shovel is designed to pick up earth or rubble, especially from flat hard standing, and its blade is angled so that you don’t have to bend down quite so far. It could, at a pinch, be thrust into soil but it would be hard going, and possibly damaging to the shovel if the ground were hard and the shovel weak.

  • This editor can almost feel the bloodshed about to begin. On IGN, Grand Theft Auto IV has just received a perfect 10 only today. The war will come. It's only a matter of time.

  • How come nobody has brought up anything related to Star Wars?
(i.e., who shot first, Special editions versus originals, PT vs. OT, etc.)

Some of the examples seem to be too current to be considered as a backdraft. Code Geass for example is still on the peak of its first heat, I don't think they can truly qualify until people ran out of steam for those arguments first.

C Banana: Alright, I organized this article. Hopefully I didn't make any mistakes (or ironically start an Internet Backdraft about how I edited it).

Austin: While I think this trope deserves to exist, I feel there's an inherent problem with it. As the Serious Business page has shown us, no matter what the subject they're be a person who takes it far more seriously than they should. So theoretically, one could add anything to this page.

Twin Bird: Um...anyone care to elaborate on how Erica Friedman is controversial? Especially since almost every quote I've seen about a Girls Love series seems to be sourced to her...

C Banana: Here's exhibit 'A'.

Aquillion: I removed a few non-examples from the list, although it looks like there are many more. According to the top, this page isn't simply about controversial subjects or things that can unexpectedly start arguments, but about things that don't seem controversial at first, and once had decent real debates over them, but have now been so debated to death that bringing them up can make forums explode instantly. This isn't the page to list every single potential flamewar ever.

Nornagest: Cut —

  • Oh, and a few pairs of words one should never say in a WH40K board: "Chaos Tau" and "Female Marines".
    • Arguing about which race is better just seems to be an ongoing pasttime, though.
    • The latter is actually a Justified Trope if they flame you, as it is canon that the implants will not work in the female body, due to hormones. The closest thing to female space marines is the Sisters of Battle, because they both wear Power Armour.

Content duplicated immediately below.

Removed the remark that you will get an internet backdraft if you say anime "is for kids or sick animated porn" because it's justifiable if someone who is ignorent like that receives this.

Praetyre: Erm.. what kind of nuts are calling Bush the Elder/Younger, Ariel Sharon or Vladimir Putin dictators? All of them were elected and didn't abolish the ability to vote them out of office, and thus by definition can't be dictators.

Great Pikmin Fan: Elaborating on the Cartoon Network example that is about... well... metioning a single show, no matter how related, I made this. Say Pikmin Has a show about to air on CN, and a fan postes this on a pikmin fan board:

T.C.: Hey, did you know that pikmin is going to have an animated series on cartoon network?
User 1: Crap, that sucks. Being on CN will ruin it's reputation.
User 2: Yeah, cartoon network real?
User 1: Well, before that, CN had some sucky shows, like Out of Jimmy's Head, Squirrel Boy, My Gym Partner Is A Monkey, Chowder, and other things.
User 2: Chowder? Dude, that show is funny!
This is where the Flame War starts. And now, for more internet backdraft...
User 3: Cartoon network as a whole is gay. Spongebob Squarepants beats everything on there.
Wait, it gets worse...
User 4: No, Family Guy beats them all!

...And then it will turn into a The Simpsons/Family Guy battle.

The Elusive N: Believe it or not, knitting has its fair share of Internet Backdraft. The ones that crop up repeatedly? Knitting vs. Crochet. Acrylic vs. Natural Fibers. And dear god, the copyright wanking.