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Modest Villain Compliment launched as Insult Backfire Discussion: From YKTTW

Working Title: Modest Villain Compliment: From YKTTW
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: I don't see the point of posting this on the page proper if it's an aversion.

  • In the film Chicken Run
    Rocky: Guys, you are without a doubt the sneakiest, most light-fingered thieving parasites I've ever met.
    Nick: [flattered] Oh, don't, don't. Stop it!
    Fetcher: I've gone bright red.
    • Averted in that Rocky seems to be trying to compliment them.

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Kizor: It looked like it could be cropped and possibly resized to just show the Master. We still have to explain the image in text, so it might be better to link to a .gif in an example.

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T Beholder: It's not an insult, bot a double mistranslation from 'Iron Maiden' (as in torture-box) to 'Iron Dame' to 'Iron Lady'.
* The Soviet newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda insulted Margaret Thatcher by calling her "The Iron Lady". Thatcher, of course, immediately adopted the term.

Nezumi: Erm... some of these seem to be cases of insults backfiring, but not in the way this trope means. Not sure what to do about that. They technically don't belong here, but they seem like they should go somewhere, and I don't know of a better place.