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// Ungvichian: How about Marissa Clark on Early Edition (only she was a regular)? There's also an ep of Rocket Power where Reggie runs into a pipe-legged female snowboarder Lizzie. Later on, racing against each other, Reggie falls so that Lizzie wins. As she explains however, this was not because she was sorry for the other girl, but because having her win would be a better story for a magazine she writes. I dunno about you, but this has Inspirationally Disadvantaged written all over it to me...

// Devil's Advocate: You and I are on the same wavelength — Marissa was the very first one that popped into my mind when I read the definition. Yes, I think Inspirationally Disadvantaged can apply to regular characters. Another example is the guy in the wheelchair (sorry, I've only watched a couple of episodes and don't remember his name) in Joan of Arcadia.

//Ungvichian: Here's another one: the titular character of Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye., is deaf. The actress who plays her Deanne Bray is also deaf IRL. And back to one-shots, there's Felix from the ep of Kim Possible with Motor Ed as the baddie... where it turns out that the wheelchair he's using has things like jets and mechanical arms.

//Grammar Cop: What about the wheelchair user Zach dated in that one episode of Saved by the Bell? IIRC, he organized a big wheelchair basketball game, embarrassing the poor girl, who demanded that he treat her like a human and not like a cause. He promised, she promised another date, and of course she was never seen again.
Count Dorku: Am I the only person who saw the trope name and thought it meant "lazy"? (I mean no offence here - it just reminded me somehow of Elan being "use-impaired")