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The Pesci- is Malcolm really a Pesci? His anger seems controlled, while Jamie's is just unfocused rage. Jamie definitely is a Pesci...

Doctor Nemesis: Having watched it again, Jamie's definitely more of an example.

debussy: On the DVD commentary Armando Iannucci describes Jamie as "Malcolm without the charm or the off switch." Malcolm reminds me of what people have said about Withnail- he has a controlled madness. Malcolm has some Pesci similarities- he can twist things people say, but he can also reign that anger in or turn on the charm so people never know where they stand with him. I think that makes him more of a Manipulative Bastard.

The BST: About this entry: In the film, Malcolm is working for Linton, under the PM's orders. They hate each other, but are working for the same result. So, I'm editing it for accuracy.
  • Debussy Fair enough, but I was referring to Linton and Malcolm's battle of egos, not the war vote itself. The way I interpreted it Malcolm has no opinion on the war one way or the other and is only interested in getting his own back on Linton. The audience are rooting for him to bounce back with a Crowning Moment of Awesome... and then realise this also means helping Linton and leading millions of innocent people into war. Malcolm's charm makes people forget what's really going on behind their petty little war of egos. In The Thick of It everyone has the same common goal- keeping the party in power- but while they're all working together, this doesn't mean there's no conflict...

IceCrystal: It's interesting to note (re: a recent edit!) that even the actors don't seem quite clear as to whether it's a different universe and continuity or the same universe/continuity. Peter Capaldi said in an interview
PC "In a way, that’s what the movie was for Malcolm and these guys. It’ll be interesting to see whether he makes any reference to it in the new TV show, to this war and these past events."
AVC "He hasn’t yet in the five you’ve shot?"
PC "He hasn’t so far, but we’re kind of—things are pretty volatile politically here at the moment…”:
It could very well be that Olly, Julius Nicholson, etc are all still extant in In the Loop but Malcolm is moving in a different sphere so we don't see them. The fact that most of the differently-named characters are completely identical expies makes such an interpretation challenging, but that's how Mr. Capaldi seems to view it? However, I can't find any Word of God from Armando Iannucci...

The BST: It's most likely that the creators wanted to use the same basic characters, but gave them new names to avoid Continuity Lockout from the series, which (as far as I'm aware) wasn't broadcast in America. Simple.