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Seth: Image Hotlinked

Sinister Teddybear: My friends and I came up with our own version of this during a trip to France. I was a stadium floodlight (their idea, not mine) our vegetarian friend Maya had a potato powered bulb, David had a nuclear explosion (because his ideas tend to destroy everything in sight and cause a fallout that lasts for years) and Gordon's was a Ham Sandwich...because he's just that kind of guy (his response was to reach above his head, mime eating a sandwich and announce "I should have these more often.")

Kizor: GAH! That just caused me to have an idea of bringing about The End of the World as We Know It by creating a Person of Mass Destruction - someone with such mental force that his idea bulb has the force of a thermonuclear device.

Sinister Teddybear: Glad to be of service
Kilyle: It is hilarious that the ads for this trope are for buying light bulbs. Way to go, Google. (Man, I wish whoever's in control of the ads could pinpoint specific ads (or specific products in a range) to go with specific tropes. I've seen the possibilities before, and I've seen some really, really bad ad placement too. I'll bet that well-chosen incongruities could sell a product better than these random banners.

Red Wren: But would it get The Google more money?