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From I Have Got Your Wife Discussion:

Darksasami: Considering step 3 there, why is it that every time I see a significant other get kidnapped and put on the phone, they yell, "Don't do it! It's a trap!"?

Kizor: This happens all. the. time. On reflection, considering how often heroes end up trading the world away for their loved ones in a deal that may well not even be honoured, getting themselves killed would be the sensible thing for a hostage to do.

Sci Vo: Was there a YKTTW for this? I think that I Have Your Wife would be a better name.

Silent Hunter: No, I launched it straight off. This was done before YKTTW was widely used.

Sci Vo: 11 Wicks. Changing them all would be annoying, but doable. I'll ask the hivemind.
Working Title: I Have Your Wife: From YKTTW
Kilyle: Hey, isn't there a flip version of this trope, where the heroes encounter a person who appears to be a villain, but, when pressed, breaks down and says "I have to do it, they've got my wife!" I'm pretty sure I've seen this trope around here, and it should definitely be linked to by this trope. All the more because I needed that trope page the other day and couldn't find it.

Silent Hunter: The Commies Made Me Do It.