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Working Title: Anyone Can Fly: From YKTTW

Adam850: Sounds close to Flying Brick.
Burai: There seems to be some confusion between the text above the line and the examples below the line. Let's recap.
"This trope describes when there are multiple characters with a wide variety of different abilities, but the ability to fly is surprisingly common. "
(Emphasis mine).

This trope is thus, from line one, about flight being common within a single continuity/universe/ficton/whathaveyou. We have a trope about Flight being a common thing to appear at least once within any given continuity (and the various justifications it can have) — it's called Flight, under Common Superpowers. If only one character in a continuity can fly, that's not this trope. If lots of characters in a continuity can fly, because they all have the same special abilites period and it happens to include flight, that's not really this trope either.

In keeping with this standard, the following entries have been sacked:
* Tetsuo could levitate by his telekinesis in AKIRA.
* Neo learns to fly at the end of The Matrix.
* Sonic the Hedgehog, when he becomes Super Sonic.
* Amber of the DNAgents uses disks of electromagnetic energy as flying platforms, among other uses.