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Wanderhome: Removed the first sentence from "◦A new variation of this is now 'I don't hate gay people, but being gay is wrong.' or as recently as a TV interview of a friend of a guy who got arrested for gay bashing. 'I don't hate gay people, but beating them is justified.'" Becaused based on the idea that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, that first part isn't hypocritical. It's basically just like saying "I don't dislike you but I don't think you shoild do x."

Zhirzzh: I removed the bit about Obama. Political discussions on TV Tropes tend to get nasty and I want to avoid that. If someone re-adds it, I won't delete it again, but I WILL add a ton of other political examples.

Daibhid C: I'm not sure the Batman link's an example. I mean, yeah, his idea of how to keep a baby safe is a bit... odd (although the baby does get through it all completely unharmed), but he is convinced it's the best way to keep the kid safe; it's not like he said "We must keep this baby safe at all costs", and then just abandoned it, which would be closer to what the trope's about.

Ununnilium: Agreed. Cutting:
  • Comic book example: This Batman comic, in which the Caped Crusader charges himself with keeping an infant "safe" at all costs.

Demetrios: In another case of art reflecting life, I have my own personal experience of hypocritical humor. It was in my freshman year of high school during math class, and there was a knock on the door. When the teacher went to open it, I said "Who goes there?" as a joke, and then my teacher shouted "EASY!!" Man, saying it like that, it sounds like she needs to follow her own advice.

Haven: Moved stuff to troper tales. Copied the above, in fact.

h_v: Cut: Don't get it wrong. Depending on the situation, the bit has the potential to be very funny or at the very least "produce some smiles." More often than not, however, its execution leaves the viewer wondering whether the writers were genuinely attempting to be humorous or whether they just felt the need to kill some time before the hopefully funnier jokes.

Is it really necessary to say "sometimes this is funny and sometimes it isn't?"

Cut this:
  • It is unknown how you can warn people about the earth heating up when there is a blizzard outside, but people have managed.
Not that closely related to the trope, arguably Flame Bait, and furthermore global warming does not work that way(an overall warmer temperature does not mean it's getting warmer everywhere, and global climate change is also creating extremes of both heat and cold).

Jsor: The Nostalgia Critic quote may not be accurate. I'll probably correct it after I rewatch the episode sometime, but if someone else has it handy beforehand please fix it.
  • Jsor: Okay, nevermind, it was bugging me so fix'd now.