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Some Sort Of Troper: Woohoo! Name change party at my place! Oh yeah and we merged with Shego, doesn't affect this page much since some of the examples were here already and this page was already written to include it.

Nanaya: Changed it back to The Radar - it has more personality with the trope origin name. I mean, really, I'm fully expecting someone to change You Require More Vespene Gas to "Insufficient Resources" at some point. It's boring.

Aquillion: The rename was discussed here. Please discuss there before changing it, otherwise we'd just have endless revert-wars over everything.

ccoa: Also, actually read There Is No Such Thing as Notability, please. It does not mean what you apparently think it means.

  • I'll do that once you pull the stick out of your butt and loosen up. Really, at least come up with a more interesting trope name - this is boring as hell, you might as well be at wikipedia. Oh, and by the way, what I did was fully defined by the notability thing:
    "Wikipedia tries in many regards to be the opposite of what we are. We want to be fun, interesting and a cool place to sink hours of time. Wikipedia wants to be informative, factual and respected as an authoritative source. All that serious stuff. Presented with a choice between serious or fun, we went with fun."

So... maybe you should re-read it?

ccoa: If you can come up with a better name, then by all means go participate in the forum discussion. And yay for another "we're turning into wikipedia" slippery slope fallacy. I really love those. They make my day every time I see them. I'm not even going to bother to refute it anymore. If you can't see how stupid that argument is, then I can't help you.

It's right there in blue: "All works are notable." That is all There Is No Such Thing as Notability means. That you can add an example from anything and not have to justify it as notable. Not that you can do whatever the hell you want.

Treblain: If you're going to change it from Radar, can you at least put up an example for him? I'm not really that familiar with MASH.

Daibhid C: Does Edmund in Blackadder the Third really count? He strikes me as three parts The Starscream, two parts Beleaguered Assistant. The Hypercompetent Sidekick Like The One In M*A*S*H is trying to make things easier for their dumb boss, not take advantage of them.