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Kizor: Trope restored from Google cache after '08 crash. Some content lost. Discussion page lost. YKTTW link lost.

Gattsuru: Yay, simul-edit. As for the example with horrible spelling, a slightly vastly corrected example is below. There was an example within Crusade, but the problem was more than the teep wanted to see hyperspace but couldn't space-walk without someone else with him for safety (whose mind he would inevitably read during the short-term boost), rather than lasting long-term effects. It may not be hellish enough to count with that caveat.
** Hyperspace can be really scary for telepaths. If they're unshielded in hyperspace (either doing a space walk or too close to a hull breach) they can go from a P1 (just able to hear thoughts if they're being broadcast and the teep is concentrating) to P1+ (instantly deep scans the mind of every body on the ship if they don't focus) resulting in voices in the head for the rest of their life. The effect is typically short-lived, though.

Peteman: Sorry. Also, I have no idea how the Weboriginal section got nuked. That's not the first time that happened, a section I didn't touch got axed after my edit.